Fresh 48

Fresh 48 Session

Every time I start writing a blog post about something, I want to say it’s my favorite. Family photos? LOVE THEM! Milestones? GENIUS IDEA THAT I LOVE! Fresh 48? WHY DID I NOT DO THIS FOR MY OWN KIDS!?

But, Fresh 48 might genuinely be my all time favorite. It perfectly represents what I love about photography since the goal is to capture every emotion and detail about a treasured day (kind of like your wedding but with less makeup, uglier gown and pain meds). There are so many little moments and details that get lost in the chaos of it all, but when you see your images, a flood of memories come back.

These are from the birth of my niece last summer and going through them, I had already forgotten that my nephew was so nervous at first. All eyes were on him, his mom is in a hospital bed, his aunt had her camera out, again, and he was introduced to this new tiny thing that had no real meaning to him yet. He wasn’t sure what to do and proceeded with caution. It was very sweet. The cautiousness, of course, wore off. He holds her and loves on her all the time, and I think that’s why I forgot this moment.

These are the memories and the stories I love to tell. They are seemingly insignificant in detail but carry so many treasures of a very important day. Once upon a time, I would not have been so sentimental ( I am getting soft in my old age!) but now that these moments have come and gone, I wish I had more pictures. And, maybe a time-machine.